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Authentic and Visionary

StoryWise™ ensures that your fundraiser positions the donor as an agent of change. By supporting your cause, donors can participate in something truly meaningful and empowering. 

Donor is the hero

StoryWise™ makes your donor into the hero. This is called "donor-centric" fundraising. Fundraising Science tells us that this style of marketing can boost donation rates by over 2x!

Emotions, not Statistics

StoryWise™ helps you tell your story in a way that will connect to the hearts of your donors, to their emotional drivers, and ultimately their support of your cause.


Unlock your story. Inspire your donors. Ignite your cause.

Who are we


Use Fundraising Science to Rally Your Crowd and get the Funds You Need to Do More Good. 

What You Get With StoryWise™

Exclusively Available to CauseMatch Clients

Easy and Guided Process

Just answer the questions that StoryWise™ prompts you with and our technology will magically do the rest — producing the first draft of your campaign page conforming with Fundraising Science!

Fundraising Science-based Campaign

The stories nonprofits tell make a profound impact on the success (or failure) of their campaign. With StoryWise™, your campaign will inspire and mobilize your community to step-up and give! And when they do give, they will feel empowered that they are making a genuine impact with their donation.

StoryWise™ Emails & Video Script

For a fee of an extra $125, our Creative Team will take the copy of your fundraising campaign, and provide you with six battle-proven fundraising emails to take your campaign to the next level., We'll even throw in the video script to make you smile :) 

More Donors. Larger Gifts. Happy Supporters.

With StoryWise™, we've seen gift sizes increase by over 30% and conversion rates from visitor to donor, increase by 200%. We do this by engaging in science-based storytelling that speaks to the emotional and donor driven impact of their gift. 

How it works

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur | Curt Bowen 

"I am confident we could not have reached 
our goal using any other platform."

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