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Investors & Partners Update

Key developments, data, and trends

Key Developments

Cash Prizes Available


CauseMatch gets accepted into MassChallenge venture accelerator. Ventures coming out of MassChallenge have a 2.5x higher chance of raising funds from venture capitalists/angels. We are already getting numerous meetings to venture capitalists and angels and are finding many new opportunities opening up. The more that we ride this acceleration the more exposure we’ll get and the more MassChallenge will keep throwing us opportunities.

PEF Israel Endowment

PEF Israel partnership secured. Pilot LAUNCHED. PEF Israel is the fiscal sponsor of 1500 nonprofits in Israel. That means they provide tax deductible status to 1500 organizations and they do hundreds of millions of donations per year and have totaled over $1,000,000,000 in grants. CauseMatch is now PEF’s exclusive partner for all CREDIT CARD donations. Due to their tax status, they require a third party partner and they’ve chosen CauseMatch as that partner.

Ne'eman Foundation + UK Toremet

Neeman USA, Neeman Canada, UK Toremet: These are all other fiscal sponsors for Israeli nonprofits each with 300 - 600 nonprofits in their portfolio. We are launching a joint partnership where CauseMatch will provide the fundraising products and know-how and these fiscal sponsors will market an integrated solution to their clients. This is the ONLY whole systems solution for Israeli nonprofits in the world. Check-out this mock-up here: LINK

LLN Pilot from the Jewish Agency

Pilot with LLN from the Jewish Agency: LLN provides IT and customer relationship management solutions for the Jewish Agency and all 80 of its projects in Israel. They have over 3500 end-user clients. CauseMatch technology does a number of things that LLN would like to offer their clientele to provide a boost to their fundraising efforts. CauseMatch is launching a Pilot with LLN to see if we could roll-out CauseMatch technology to their other clients.

CauseMatch comes to Panamá

Through our partner, LatinOL CauseMatch will gain access to the Panamá nonprofit ecosystem. LatinOL has done millions worth of crowdfunding campaigns will be our vendor and campaign manager in Panamá. This will open a new market and bring a new and steady revenue stream.

By the Numbers

Slide 1: Annual Growth in Revenue:

We are able to see this upward trend in revenue because we are getting more and more organic inquiries into our platform AND more repeat customers.


If you look at Slide 3 you can see that number of repeat customer increasing year after year.

Slide 2: Annual Growth in Amount Donated:

If you compare the ratio of revenue to amount donated you will see that we are shifting from earning about 4% revenue on what’s donated to 6%.

This is because we are being forced to give less and less discounts and because we are finding ways to upsell our services and earn revenue from our partners e.g. we earn revenue from each video made by our partner VideoSparks.

Slide 3: Annual Growth in Percentage of Campaigns which Repeat Customers

As you can see over time, our product suite has expanded and the sophistication of our offering enhanced. As such, we have been able to retain more and more customers over the years.

We had a number of MAJOR software updates in 2017 which is why you see that big boost in the retention rate and repeat campaigns.  

Slide 4: Annual Growth in Percentage of Campaigns which Repeat Customers

We are essentially showing quarter over quarter growth. The only question mark is Q2.

However, for Q2 of 2016 we did a major campaign for Israel Independence Day which was a major event featured in 5 different publications including the print edition of JPost.

We found the campaign strained our small team too much which is why we did not repeat it this year.

Q3 & Q4 are projections for 2017

Slide 5: Annual Growth in Lifetime Value of Customers

This is the most exciting slide. As you can see, the life time value of our client is rising dramatically. This is to due to more repeat clients, more consistently medium to large clients and a greater breadth of fundraising activities.

The co-foudner of PayPal, Peter Thiel talks about how you need to reach $10,000 lifetime value per client in order to build a truly profitable company with an outbound sales team. We are on the way!

Talk on the impact of MassChallenge

"If it's humanly possible we will get it done."

~ John Harthone  MassChallenge Founder & CEO

+217% boost in revenue

Thanks to more organic inquiries, repeat clients and better sales processes, we are over doubling our revenue. 

217% increase in repeat clients

Repeat clients ensure consistency in our revenue and that sales have year after year value

142% increase in Lifetime Value of our Clients

The Client Lifetime Value grew from $6,213 per client to  $8,929

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