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IDF Widows & Orphans Org.

Overview of IDF Widows & Orphans Org.:

Beit Micha ​has been in existence for decades and has helped hundreds of widows and children to serve widows and orphans of the IDF forces.  Because they are recognized by the Israeli government and have been in existence for a long time, they have a strong amount of "social capital." Their network is strong but based-off a comparative analysis against other organizations serving the IDF, we identify that there are many more prospective donors than currently in their donor file.  

Fundraising Profile: "Strong - Community-based"

We have determined your fundraising profile based-off hundreds of campaigns and tens of thousands of donations. During our conversation and through online research and nonprofit database tools, we collected key information to understand what fundraising activities are best suited for Israel Widows & Orphans Org. Since CauseMatch works closely with our clients on the campaign planning, production and execution as well as providing the actual fundraising platform, our technology is uniquely equipped to analyze Widows & Orphans Org. and design a fundraising roadmap that takes advantage of your needs and resources. 


Profile Description:

You do not directly serve the community from which you fundraise. This means you reach most of your supporters through special events and online activities such as newsletters and social media.

Because your supporters are not generally direct beneficiaries of your work, it is very important that you position your supporters as world-class heroes due to their contributions. You can achieve this through pursuing recurring gift campaigns, matching fundraisers, events to create a human connection, and plenty of post-campaign cultivation. It is also highly valuable to engage your “ground game” and build as many genuine relationships with your supporters as possible. You can then empower these newly cultivated champions as leaders and ambassadors. This will help you expand your network through a genuine network of supporters.



IDF Widows & Orphans Org.

Special Notes

Israel Widows & Orphans Org.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur | Curt Bowen 

"I am confident we could not have reached 
our goal using any other platform."

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Key Focus Areas and Opportunities:

Matching Funds + Crowdfunding Campaign: 

You have a strong enough mid- to upper-tier donors to secure matching funds which you can then leverage to mobilize your support network. Matching Funds campaigns have been proven through numerous studies to motivated higher frequencies of giving and larger gift sizes. By combining matching funds with your crowdfunding campaign, you will create a mutually inspiring framework between major philanthropists and smaller donors. This will motivate both parties to ensure that the goal is reached. It would be advantageous to launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that mobilizes your community of supporters. This can be done by encouraging people to set-up their own private micro-individual pages (Birthright example). 

International Friendly Donations + High-converting Donate Page: 

Your current donate page requires THREE clicks just to arrive to zone where a donor can enter the amount that s/he wants to contribute. The reason is because you don't have one unified technology that can interface with your various international partners for processing donations. Using CauseMatch's donate page, you can have only one click for allowing the donor to make a USD donation. Then by providing a simple dropdown, they can have access to Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, and 25 countries (Stripe Global). For NIS, we can easily link to your organizations own bank account to send the funds directly.  

Example Donate Page that Integrates with PEF, UK Toremet, Neeman Foundation and their own Israeli nonprofit:



Authentic and Visionary

For this fundraiser — your supporters have the  chance to participate in something truly historical, meaningful and empowering. 

Donor is the hero

Tell your donors how each dollar they contribute will make a BIG difference in the world. Talk about the donor's impact, not your organization's.

Amplified impact

Tell the donors how their will inspire others and help the whole community reach the goal TOGETHER!

Your Campaign Mantras

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