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Israel Women's Network

Overview of Israel Women's Network:
IWN has a strong reputation and long track record as a quality and impactful nonprofit. IWN has served thousands of women through their hotline and other programs. Plus they have impacted Israeli society as a whole through their legal cases which set a national precedent. Although IWN does, in fact, execute life changing work, they are concerned about the ability to communicate the value and nuance of their programs. That being said, since they have been in existence for decades, many of their supporters have witnessed IWN's impact and they also have many beneficiaries that can attest their impact. 

Fundraising Profile: "Growing: Community-Broad Network"

Blend of community-based nonprofit mixed with professional fundraising potential and a contact database that can be nurtured to become real givers. IWN’s beneficiaries and support base present a tremendous opportunity to both educate their audience on their impact and to cultivate a community of ambassadors and champions for IWN.

Profile Description:

Strong brand presence amongst your audience and with a solid extended network of emails, phone numbers, and social media. You also have a deep and diverse enough donor portfolio to be able to effectively leverage the campaign to rally your mid- to upper-tier donors to step up and give. This sort of campaign can often prove helpful for converting lapsed donors or using the campaign as a mechanism to get donors with a higher giving potential to increase their gift. Doing a call center or volunteer driven campaign will be difficult which is why it is important to run longer campaigns that afford time for the campaign to gain presence and momentum and for staff to reach-out to prospective donors.

IWN Fundraising Roadmap
Who are we

Israel Women's Network Summary

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur | Curt Bowen 

"I am confident we could not have reached 
our goal using any other platform."

Pay as you go

Framework for First Campaign:
30-Day Crowdfunding Campaign + Recurring Gifts


A crowdfunder is a powerful way to mobilize and rally your community to step-up and reach a shared goal. You can use the campaign to motivate larger donors and the smaller donors alike. By providing an exciting campaign, pushing toward a collective goal and powerful digital storytelling, this campaign will educate your community and inspire them to give.

I. Overview: 2 week soft-launch + 30 Day Public Campaign   

Before the public launch of the campaign, there is a 2 week period in which staff privately mobilizes mid- to upper-tier donors to “pre-donate” to create campaign momentum for the public launch of the 30 Day Campaign. That soft launch should get you between 10% - 30% (or more) of your goal. For the public launch, you will send a series of 3 - 4 emails to your list and post on social media to share the opportunity and progress of the campaign. Thanks to your campaign's momentum and excitement, this campaign will be more attractive to mid- to upper-tier donors, so your development staff can use the campaign for direct solicitation of donors they have been seeking to convert.  You can also use the campaign's feature of peer-to-peer fundraisers to have individual Board Members set private fundraising goals focused on recurring gifts/membership. 

II. Campaign Mechanisms


  • Financial structure
    Crowdfunding Campaign + Peer-to-peer campaigns by Board Members to secure recurring gifts/membership.

  • 2 Week “Pre-donate” Phase
    During this period IWN will be provided with a campaign page where they can log both online and offline donations (e.g. checks/ACH transfers) in advance of the public launch. It is best to target mid- to upper-tier donors who are strong supporters. These leaders can form your “Executive Team” and largely expand your network of donors.


  • Digital Storytelling
    This helps to remind people of the importance of sharing IWN's story with the world.


  • Buzz Time
    As the date gets closer, you can ratchet-up energy by doing a social media contest. If you proceed with a campaign we will provide step-by-step details on how to do this.


  • Soft Email Launch
    This email blast preserves a more personal touch but allows you to reach a wide audience very quickly. You want to explain that you need to create momentum to the campaign before everything goes fully public. You are telling them to be like Nachshon ben Aminadav— take the first step to inspire the community.


  • 30 Day Campaign LAUNCH
    Now that you’ve already raised a large portion of the funds you need, organized all your team fundraisers, and created buzz, it's launch time. The high-stakes and excitement of the campaign will motivate donors.  

Campaign Strategy

Welcome to IWN''s

Length: 30 days


Goal: TBD


Key mechanisms: Email, Social Media, Social Media Contest, Professional fundraisers


Matching?  No


Perks? No


Style? (ALL OR NOTHING or Flexible)?: Recommendation is Flexible




Authentic and Visionary

For this fundraiser — your supporters have the  chance to participate in something truly historical, meaningful and empowering. 

Donor is the hero

Tell your donors how each dollar they contribute will make a BIG difference in the world. Talk about the donor's impact, not your organization's.

Amplified impact

Tell the donors how their will inspire others and help the whole community reach the goal TOGETHER!

Your Campaign Mantras

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