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Gesher Proposal

Overview of Gesher:

Gesher has a strong reputation and long track record as a quality and impactful nonprofit. Gesher has over 200 alumni from their leadership program and an email list of several thousand. Although Gesher does, in fact, execute life changing work, they are concerned about the ability to communicate the value and nuance of their programs. That being said, since they have been in existence for decades, many of their supporters have witnessed Gesher's impact and they also have alumni that they can use to demonstrate their impact. 

Fundraising Profile: "Growing"

We have determined your fundraising profile based-off hundreds of campaigns and tens of thousands of donations. During our conversation and through online research and nonprofit database tools, we collected key information to understand what fundraising activities are best suited for Gesher. Since CauseMatch works closely with our clients on the campaign planning, production and execution as well as providing the actual fundraising platform, our technology is uniquely equipped to analyze Gersher and design a fundraising roadmap that takes advantage of your needs and resources. 


Profile Description:
Blend of community-based nonprofit mixed with strong professional fundraising potential and a contact database that can be nurtured to become real givers. Gesher's alumni base present a tremendous opportunity to both educate their audience on their impact and to cultivate a community of ambassadors and champions for Gesher. 

Gesher Fundraising Roadmap
Who are we

Gesher Summary

Framework for First Campaign:
30-Day Matching + Crowdfunding Campaign


Using the framework of a matching-funds + crowdfunding campaign creates a mutually inspiring framework for both the larger donors and the smaller donors. The larger donors are motivated by having their gift leveraged to secure additional larger investments and inspire hundreds of smaller donors to support the cause.


In turn, the smaller donors are motivated by the chance to have their contributions matched. This will give the Gesher the ability to (1) secure matching funds and then (2) launch a crowdfunding campaign with a group of high-powered matchers already behind the project and vying for its success.

I. Overview: 2 week soft-launch + 30 Day Public Hybrid Matching Campaign   

Once the matching funds are secured, the crowdfunding campaign can be set into motion. Before the public launch of the campaign, there is a 2 week period in which staff privately mobilizes mid- to upper-tier donors to “pre-donate” to create campaign momentum for the public launch of the 30 Day Campaign.


Meanwhile, Gesher will also be soliciting alumni, Board Members and other allies to sign-up as team fundraisers. A team fundraiser is an individual who commits to fundraising a specific amount of funds on behalf of the organization. They choose their own goal, upload their photo to the campaign page and give a personal quote.


This allows for the needed time to approach key donors while maintaining the novelty and excitement of a crowdfunding campaign required to mobilize partners and small donors.

II. Campaign Mechanisms


  • Financial structure
    Matching campaign e.g. $50k Matching and $50k from the crowd.  


  • Matching Funds structure
    CauseMatch recommends leveraging the campaign to activate 3 - 10 (or more if necessary) matching donors ASAP.

    • See the Appendix for more information about acquiring a matching donor

  • 2 Week “Pre-donate” Phase
    During this period Gesher will be provided with a campaign page where they can log both online and offline donations (e.g. checks/ACH transfers) in advance of the public launch. It is best to target mid- to upper-tier donors who are supporters of the film. These leaders can form your “Executive Team” and largely expand your network of donors.


  • Digital Storytelling
    This helps to remind people of the importance of sharing Gesher’s story with the world.


  • Buzz Time
    As the date gets closer, you can ratchet-up excitement by doing a social media contest. If you proceed with a campaign we will provide step-by-step details on how to do this.


  • Soft Email Launch
    This email blast preserves a more personal touch but allows you to reach a wide audience very quickly. You want to explain that you need to create momentum to the campaign before everything goes fully public. You are telling them to be like Nachshon ben Aminadav— take the first step to inspire the community.


  • 30 Day Campaign LAUNCH
    Now that you’ve already raised a large portion of the funds you need, organized all your team fundraisers, and created buzz, it's launch time. The high-stakes and excitement of the campaign will motivate donors.  

Campaign Strategy

Welcome to Gesher's

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur | Curt Bowen 

"I am confident we could not have reached 
our goal using any other platform."

How it works

Length: 30 days


Goal: TBD


Key mechanisms: Professional fundraisers Email Phone calls Social media


Matching?  Yes — 1:1, 2:1, 3:1


Perks? No


Style? (ALL OR NOTHING or Flexible)?: Recommendation is Flexible because you are just exploring crowdfunding


Authentic and Visionary

For this fundraiser — your supporters have the  chance to participate in something truly historical, meaningful and empowering. 

Donor is the hero

Tell your donors how each dollar they contribute will make a BIG difference in the world. Talk about the donor's impact, not your organization's.

Matching means amplified impact

Tell the donors how their donation will be multiplied thanks to the generosity of matching funds! 

Your Campaign Mantras

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