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Gann Academy

Overview of Gann Academy:

Gann Academy ​has been in existence for decades and has hundreds and hundreds of alumni. Their "social capital" is thus very strong. Gann Academy has a strong brand, and widespread community appreciation. Gann Academy is looking for a mechanism to boost the frequency of giving amongst their alumni and parents. GA is also looking to find a way to automate their fundraising process.  

Fundraising Profile: "Strong - Community-based"

We have determined your fundraising profile based-off hundreds of campaigns and tens of thousands of donations. During our conversation and through online research and nonprofit database tools, we collected key information to understand what fundraising activities are best suited for Beit Micha. Since CauseMatch works closely with our clients on the campaign planning, production and execution as well as providing the actual fundraising platform, our technology is uniquely equipped to analyze Beit Micha and design a fundraising roadmap that takes advantage of your needs and resources. 


Profile Description:

You have a strong presence and have established significant trust and appreciation within your community. You also have a deep and diverse enough donor portfolio to be able to effectively leverage the campaign to rally your mid- to upper-tier donors to step up and give. The primary drive of your fundraising should focus on leveraging the “social capital” that you have created amongst the individuals within your direct network. Doing campaigns focusing on email blasts, banner ads, social media advertising will not play to your strengths. Focus on leveraging people directly connected with your organization and doing community-driven fundraisers.


Gann Academy Summary

Special Notes

Gann Academy

Key Focus Areas:

Activate Current Student Body/Parent Body + Alumni Network
through Peer-to-Peer Driven Fundraising Campaign:

Since you have so many program alumni, it would be advantageous to launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that mobilizes that community. This can be done in a number of ways: Matching Funds/Crowdfunding Campaign in the framework of a 24-hour giving event (OCA exampe); a 30-day peer-to-peer campaign encouraging people to set-up their own private micro-individual pages (Birthright example). It would be valuable to combine either approach with a Social Media contest. In order to generate that automated component, doing a recurring gifts campaign could be a powerful example (Neve example). 

Our strong recommendation is to do 24-hr giving event and Gann Academy is excited to push the recurring gift component, this could be a powerful additional element. 

Targeted Messaging Campaign: Another strategy that you can employ is to create multiple iterations of the same campaign with different messaging for each iteration. Each iteration has its own unique URL and landing pages, but all donations from each iteration cross–propagate to the other iterations. This can allow you to target different audiences with specific campaign pages. Here is an example: 

  • Campaign targeting Christians: LINK

  • Campaign targeting liberals: LINK

From these examples you can see how it is possible to hyper-target different segments of your audience by having separate campaign pages but have all donations from each iteration reflected consistently across all pages. 

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur | Curt Bowen 

"I am confident we could not have reached 
our goal using any other platform."

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Authentic and Visionary

For this fundraiser — your supporters have the  chance to participate in something truly historical, meaningful and empowering. 

Donor is the hero

Tell your donors how each dollar they contribute will make a BIG difference in the world. Talk about the donor's impact, not your organization's.

Amplified impact

Tell the donors how their will inspire others and help the whole community reach the goal TOGETHER!

Your Campaign Mantras

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