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Email templates for 24/48 hour campaigns

Soft launch email (target: mid-tier donors)

Make donors feel like they can create the momentum to inspire the rest of the crowd to jump on board and reach the goal. These emails were sent through the client’s email service provider. But here is the example of the type of text we’d use

Primer sent 48 hours before the campaign launch:


Create a sense of excitement and anticipation. Make them feel that this is something very important and that the organization is fully behind and committed to. 

Tomorrow! — sent 24 hours before the launch

  • Goal: Very similar to the above goal but it helps create more excitement and enthusiasm behind the upcoming campaign

Launch email


Now that you have built the hype, the launch email can be just a very short graphically based email that pushes people to click and arrive at your donate page

Update email - blast #2 and 3

​Something short and powerful that conveys a sense of doubled/tripled impact thanks to matching funds + urgency. 

“X” Hours ONLY

​This can be 1 - 2 emails within the 24 hour zone. The idea is really to tighten down and convey a sense of total urgency and the need to dig deep.

  • Note you can continue with this basic template as the time runs close and closer 

Thank you email

Send this once the campaign is complete to share your appreciation. Follow-up with personal calls as appropriate

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