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JWRP: "At Risk" Countries

Client Portal - White Glove Service

This zone serves as your “hub” for all the various files that are associated with your campaign. Please use this to quickly find key pieces of your campaign such as email drafts, affiliate links, campaign copy etc.

Campaign Copy — READY

Your campaign page copy (e.g. the text that appears on the crowdfunding page) has been prepared by CauseMatch's Digital Storytellers.

Emails for your campaign (in-progress)

Determine which segment of your list to target with what email. We craft the content, timing, and list segment to maximize giving. 

Thank you Receipt — READY!

Seamless "Thank you" emails sent automatically so you don't have to think about it. The receipt also encourages social sharing. 

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Graphic Design (Completed)

Visually compelling images to draw the eye and communicate your message. These graphics are for your campaign page, emails and social media. 

Video (Completed)

Video is the internet's #1 storytelling tool. Access your video to provide feedback and comments. 

Affilidate Links (pending)

Track who donated from which channel. See conversion rates and specific donor information. Optimize your campaign and engage in better donor targeting. 

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