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Click Proposal

Overview of CLICK:

Click has strong relationships with a number of corporate partners for their Social Corporate Responsibility programs. CLICK also has 120 volunteers and thousands of individuals who have purchased their times. In addition to this, they, of course, have the community of elderly who CLICK serves. 



Fundraising Profile: "Strong - Community-based"

We have determined your fundraising profile based-off hundreds of campaigns and tens of thousands of donations. During our conversation and through online research and nonprofit database tools, we collected key information to understand what fundraising activities are best suited for CLICK. Since CauseMatch works closely with our clients on the campaign planning, production and execution as well as providing the actual fundraising platform, our technology is uniquely equipped to analyze CLICK and design a fundraising roadmap that takes advantage of your needs and resources. 


Profile Description:

You directly serve the local community and therefore have generated a good amount of appreciation within the community. Since you are largely volunteer driven, you have an in-built team of champions who can help you push your campaign forward. In turn, being community-based means that you already have a strong local presence where people at least largely have a sense for the work you do and have even physically met people that you serve.

You also have a deep and diverse enough donor portfolio to be able to effectively leverage the campaign to rally your mid- to upper-tier donors to step up and give. The primary drive of your fundraising should focus on leveraging the “social capital” that you have created amongst the individuals within your direct network and volunteers. Doing campaigns focusing on email blasts, banner ads, social media advertising will not play to your strengths. Focus on leveraging people directly connected with your organization and doing community-driven fundraisers.



CLICK Fundraising Profile



Pay as you go

Key Focus Areas and Opportunities:

I. Volunteer Driven Crowdfunding Campaign with Perks: 

Since you have so many volunteers, it would be advantageous to launch a team fundraising/peer-to-peer fundraising campaign that mobilizes that community. The idea is for volunteers, employees from corporate partners, and other community members to leverage their own social networks to promote your fundraising campaign. If each volunteer could get just FIVE donations, imagine the impact that would make on your fundraising efforts. 


In turn, CLICK will also use the momentum and excitement of the campaign to reach out to your own networks via email, social media and calling etc. 


Lastly, because you produce PRODUCTS that people want to consume, it makes sense to offer those items as rewards for different giving tiers. This will excite people to get a great gift along with their gift. 
To get a better sense for a peer-to-peer campaign, please see the 
Birthright example and scroll down to the bottom. 


We also recommend doing some kind of launch party/call center for the campaign itself. This is another powerful tool is to gather volunteers for a physical launch party (if possible).


The value-add of securing volunteers (whether through a 24-hour campaign or a 30-day campaign) for your fundraiser is tremendous:


Fundraising Power:
They are better at fundraising from smaller donors than nonprofit staff because they are part-and-parcel of the community. This means people will feel more intuitively inclined to give knowing that their own peer is asking for funds.


New donors:  
Part of the request from volunteers is that they reach out to their own friends, family, and colleagues. You can get many new donors by doing this.


As an optional module, t would be valuable to launch your campaign with a Social Media contest. 


II. Summary of Recommendation:

Because CLICK has a strong staff and the ability to prepare their own materials, we recommend the 5% Rocket Fuel Package. Below you can find all the resources and services that comes with this package. 


Your Campaign Mantras

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur | Curt Bowen 

"I am confident we could not have reached 
our goal using any other platform."

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Authentic and Visionary

For this fundraiser — your supporters have the  chance to participate in something truly historical, meaningful and empowering. 

Donor is the hero

Tell your donors how each dollar they contribute will make a BIG difference in the world. Talk about the donor's impact, not your organization's.

Amplified impact

Tell the donors how their will inspire others and help the whole community reach the goal TOGETHER!

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