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Key Players for your Campaign

Executive Director/Organizational Head

  • Spearhead identifying and securing matching donors

  • Spearhead process to identify "middle tier" donors 

  • Spearhead process to identify Campaign Evangelists  

  • Delegate Tasks 

Marketing Head

  • Compose and schedule email blasts (see Ignition Pack) 

  • Start and manage the Facebook event

  • Collect and design creative content for Facebook

  • Update social media on day of event

  • train volunteers in saying thank you

Head Evangelist

  • ID and Secure Campaign Evangelists for the campaign

  • Start a WhatsApp group with your Campaign Evangelists 

  • Plan and Schedule Operations Room: secure location, buy food, print scripts and credit card forms, arrange computers, phones, projector, internet, printer, charging stations

Campaign Evangelists

  • Amplify the organization's message in a personal way (how it helped YOU, why YOU are supporting them and why s/he should too! 

  • Invite friends to Facebook Event 

  • Regular updates on progress of campaign 

  • Say "thank you” by doing the following on FB: 

  • Tag people on FB and thank them for the donation. Share the link on their wall. Something like, “Thanks so much for supporting #yourcause -  Anybody else want to help? 

How many Evangelists do you need? 

$100k = 10 | $200k = 20 | $300k = 30 | $400k = 40 | $50k = 50 | $1M = 100

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Mediums of Communication

Phone Calls — The Golden Medium  

  • Telethon Operations Room on campaign day

  • Campaign Evangelists call their own contacts + organizational list

  • Staff calls their own contacts + organizational list.


  • All emails should be prepared in advance

  • Double check all links

  • Get approval from a Cause Match Fundraising Ignition Coach before finalizing

  • Follow the structure in the email templates

Social Media

Organizational Page

  • Frequent updates

  • Change banner

  • Add appropriate content

  • Change profile

Personal Facebook pages

  • Change profile

  • Change banner

  • Have them post as much as possible

Event for the day of the campaign 

WhatsApp Group

Provide people in your community with WhatsApp alerts. It can also be powerful to form GROUPS within WhatsApp to target various communities and keep them informed about your progress. 

Campaign Checklists

& Resources

Pre-launch checklist

The key emails, Facebook posts and other materials that you need to prepare in advance of the campaign launch. 

Launch Day checklist

The big day is HERE. Make sure to follow this checklist to ensure that all the key pieces are being executed. 

Head Evangelist Task Recipe

You have a whole room full of volunteers eager to make this campaign a soaring success! Use this task recipe to keep you and your team focused and on-task. 

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Evangelist Task Recipe

The day of the campaign has arrived! This task recipe helps your Evangelists stay on-point and organized. 

Call Script for Evangelists

This script covers the key elements your callers need to make when soliciting donations. 

Memory Jogger

Share this "memory jogger" to help your Campaign Evangelists remember who to call. Sharing this in advance of the campaign or even during the campaign can dramatically improve the value of your callers. 

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